weekly weighing

I looked in my blog and I realized that I hadn't weighed since february fifth :-O after that I have completely forgotten about all of that BUT when we were sick in the flu in mars I stoped breastfeeding Gösta and I realized that I probably would gain weight if I didn't do anything....but I didn't do anything and I think I saw 76kg or more on the scale...

so here we go again, I want to blog this because it makes me work harder towards my goal :-)

My last weight: 76kg
Weight today: 75,1kg
Weight change this week: -0,9kg (not one week maybe one month)
Weightlost since the pregnancy with Gösta: 6,7kg
Startingweight after pregnancy: 81,8kg

So now I'm on it again! Want to be about 72kg until "Midsommarafton" (swedish holiday) thats in the end  of June.

So please cheer me on :-D 


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